Company Profile

Modern technology


Rock Energy AS is a Norway based company with an ambition to become a leading international geothermal company with competencies in the full geothermal value chain by a build, own and operate plants strategy as well as sale of turn-key systems. We have a patented technology for exploitation of deep geothermal energy from Hot Dry Rocks for generating electricity, heating and cooling. We have a significant global potential due to a less site dependent technology than conventional Hot Dry Rock technologies.

We have developed a secure inter-well connectivity without fracturing the rock between the wells. The inter- well connectivity is made by drilling a patented sub-surface heat exchanger of tubes in the Hot Dry Rock. Water is flowing freely within the drilled tubes preventing water loss. The drilling pattern gives predicable water flow and hence predictable energy output. A geologic- and seismic survey is prepared in advance of the drilling operation to secure drilling in the right geological formation.


The technology could be used for production of electricity, heating and cooling. No other deep geothermal technology is less independent of the sub surface conditions.

Our technology has an enormouos potential throughout the world and we are preparing to set up offices in several major geographical regions of Europe, Australia and North America.


Many on our team has more than 30 years' experience from drilling operations in harsh environments in the oil and gas sector in the North Sea and from tender rig operations in South-East Asia. Rock Energy AS is a private company aiming for a public listing within 2018.