Clean. Green. Everlasting

  • Cutting edge green energy technology company with significant global reach

  • Delivered first fully operational industrial scale green energy plant at Oslo Airport

  • Large portfolio of intellectual property rights

  • Competencies in the full geothermal value chain

Widely experienced team within energy, energy systems, drilling, geology, finance and project management

Value Proposition

  • Low operational costs

  • Energy production locally onsite

  • Independent, distributed, local and stand alone (off Grid) energy production

  • Replacing electricity used for heating purposes with clean, green everlasting heat supply

  • Small surface footprint - ideal for clients with limited surface area available (ex. urban areas) 

  • A closed loop system, no emissions, renewable and sustainable with small environmental footprint

  • Lifetime of plants more than 50 years giving long term continuous and base load energy supply at predicable cost from your own energy source

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Image by Davide Cantelli
Image by Sven Scheuermeier





The Team

Jan E Evensen - CEO

  • More than 30 years of technical and senior management experience from the upstream oil and gas industry

  • Experience with leading major exploration activities in the North Sea, together with significant oil and gas development projects internationally both offshore and onshore

  • Built a successful gas production company from scratch and turned it into a major gas supplier in South East Asia 

  • GM Production Geology & Troll Oil / Norsk Hydro

  • Exploration Director, General Manger HESS globally

Reidar Michaelsen - Chairman

  • Founder, Chairman and CEO of PGS (Petroleum Geo-Services)

  • Initiated the turnaround of the Varg oil field 

  • Founder and Chairman of Spinnaker Exploration Co.

  • 10 years in Norsk Hydro ASA

  • Headed the restructuring of Selmer Sande AS

  • Raised 3,5+ billon USD in equity/bonds/project financing

Nicolas Brun Lie - Board Member

  • Senior lawyer in Ro Sommernes.

  • Previously a partner at Wiersholm AS and the inhouse lawyer of Torvald Klaveness Group

  • Works with business-law consultancy, with emphasis on shipping and offshore, fisheries and aquaculture, asset management and private equity, banking and finance

  • Extensive transaction experience and is ranked as one of Norway's leading experts in maritime law by Chambers and Partners and Legal 500

Per Arne Myklebost - Board Member

  • More than 35 years of senior management experience from business development, labor unions and finance/investments

  • Several senior positions for more than 20 years at Norsk Hydro AS, including CFO of its oil & gas department

  • More than 15 years of international experience as board member in several companies in the Norsk Hydro group, covering insurance, pension funds and light metals

Bjarne Eggesbo - Board Member

  • Over 22 years of capital markets experience

  • Former Head of Real Estate for a publicly listed asset manager with over USD 10 billion in assets under management

  • CEO & CIO of a private global asset manager, responsible for USD 8 billion in assets under management

  • Executive Director at UBS from 2007 to 2010, where he worked primarily on the Swiss government stabilisation fund

  • Former Head of Structuring and Securitization at Credit Suisse's European real asset finance group 

Lars Beitnes - Board Member

  • Investor, investment- and business adviser, founder, chairman and sole owner of Aston Group, an international corporate and management services group based in 7 countries

  • Wide experience from several early stage companies

  • Experience from public listing and reverse take-overs

  • Experience as chairman of listed entities



Proof of Concept at Oslo Airport Gardermoen

First fully operational wells

- Direct heating of the ground at the engine test area

- Energy plant consisting of two energy wells at 1500 meters depth

Already requested more plants - 30+ more Energy Wells for De-icing of the outside areas surrounding the airport gates; De-icing of the runways; General heating of the building portfolio


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